Quick Healthy Meal Plan 2

It’s quick healthy meal plan 2 and the series is in full swing. Nothing has changed as the layout and the information that will be found here. We are keeping it easy breezy. What to expect: Meals will be simple with easy ingredients. Meals will be budget friendly. There will be a ton of veggies and fruits. I use a mix of frozen and fresh. (Sale items!!) I tend to overcook so I can freeze for later. Since these meals are easy, I will not add detailed recipes unless requested. I am not a nutritionist, yet very knowledgeable. Please leave suggestions in the comments to not only help me, but help other readers as well. […]

Review: 21Tress H-Foxy

21Tress H-Foxy (retailed at $39.99) is one of the latest units to my ever-growing collection of wigs. First, let me say that wigs (often referred to as units) are perfect for two reasons: quick styles and protective styles. Wigs come in a variety of colors, styles, fullness, and length. Not to mention, they also come in an array of prices depending on the quality of the hair and brand. 21Tress H-Foxy, today’s highlighted unit, comes very long in length, around 28 inches. She is styled with gorgeous beach waves and bangs. Let me say, I try not to alter any wigs before giving them a thorough review, but the bangs were extremely long for some […]

Quick Healthy Meal Plan 1

Planning a quick healthy meal plan is a definite way to success for my busy on-the-go ladies. Following these meal plans will leave the guess work out, provide you with more time to do other things, and prevent you from spending excess money. Every Sunday, I try to plan out a quick healthy meal plan for the week. I want to emphasize the word “quick” since I am a very busy woman. Being organized and planning your meals ahead is the number one key to success to a healthy lifestyle. Since I am already planning my meals, I am confident that sharing them to the blog will be beneficial to my busy ladies. I will […]

Sexy Long Dresses 40% Off

When you want to feel beautiful and elegant, you can not go wrong with sexy long dresses. It is definitely my top go-to style on date night or attending an event. I realized when reaching my 30s, that those little club dresses just wasn’t making me feel the kind of sexy that I was going for. You know what I mean…..I want that elegant grown woman type of sexy. When rocking sexy long dresses, it’s not about showing a ton of skin. It’s all about the silhouette and the curves. Let’s face it, as women we age, have children ect…. Our bodies don’t always bounce back so we know how to appreciate a good figure, even in our […]

Find Your Valentines Day Dress $29 and under

The Perfect Valentines Day Dress Who’s on the search for the perfect Valentines Day dress? I’ve already started looking for some of the best deals from the most trusted companies. 29nunder is a company that always seems to impress me with their style and prices. Every piece on their site is $29 and below. Their dresses are my favorite which why I’m using Valentines Day as the perfect holiday to spread the word to you all. Regardless if you are going out with your love or with your girlfriends, you deserve to be drop dead gorgeous. No one will ever believe that you spent $29 bucks or less on your perfect Valentines Day dress.   So […]

Thrift Store Finds: 4 Outfits

Today on The Life She Created, I’m sharing a few of my latest thrift store finds. When it comes to shopping, thrifting has to be my favorite. The whole “treasure hunt” aspect has me hooked and always looking forward to the next trip. Besides hunting, thrifting also challenges my creative side. Finding unique, one-of-a kind pieces forces me to think outside of my comfort zone. Last, I love buying a ton of stuff for little to nothing. It’s not how much you spend on your clothes, it’s about the confidence in you when rocking your pieces. Thrifted Store Finds The Thrifted Blazer: My initial intentions were to wear this thrifted blazer for the holidays, but that […]

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